Friday, September 23, 2011

Markdown May Be the Death of Me

Markdown May Be the Death of Me

This is where we find out. I've spent the last several hours on a little quest. Like most quests it didn't start out as a quest, it started out as a question. That question was what is Markdown and why should I care?

Markdown is a simple syntax for formatting content for the web without typing full on html as you go. For example, if I wanted to add a link to this I could type

<a href="">CNN</a>

which is just too much. Using Markdown I can type


and that's okay, if you don't mind messy links in your text. But I do mind messy links in my text. I want things to look neat.
I tried WriteMonkey, I tried Sublime. They, like most windows software, ok, but they are no going to light you on fire with their brilliance.

Finially (at 5:30 in the morning) I found Gonzo. Maybe I'm just tired, but I have to say I love this program. It has passed all the test that left WriteMonkey and Sublime face down in the dirt. More than that, its actually does things in a reasonable, efficient, dare I say graceful way.

For example, did you notice the inline link in the paragraph above? Gonzo did that, all I did was give it the text and the link.
I'm very pleased. I think I'll go to sleep now.

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